“Collectivity was created by a group of individuals that believe that our current food sourcing models are unsustainable, unhealthy and could be improved upon. We came together with the goal to create a lasting entity that will perpetually have the best interest of the farming communities, the businesses , the consumers and the environment in mind.”

– Marc Antoine Simard, Collectivity member

Our mission is to evolve the way goods are traded.


We believe that we can positively change the way brands source foods. That businesses can be used to inspire and implement solutions that will make a difference for the consumers, for the producers, for the brands and for our planet. Collectivity measures success in sustainability and delivery of quality foods rather than maximising profits. 


From our experience working in the food industry, sales and marketing is the focus of most food brands. Instead of outsourcing directly, private intermediaries are being used. The result is a lack of control and traceability which ultimately also inflates the price of the foods to the end consumer.


Our business model promotes sustainable food solutions by sourcing directly from the farmers at a fair price. In addition, we commit a percentage of the sales price to establish programs that support the farming communities develop a sustainable and fair businesses.


Sourcing direct from the farmers allow us to offer quality foods at a competitive price to our clients. As a result, the brands can offer a more attractive pricing to the consumers. 


By supporting our farmers, we create loyalty of our farming communities and insure the growth and sustainability of our supply chain to better serve us all. 


To find out more about our sustainability projects go to our Sustainability page.


Working together to build enduring partnerships to insure the sustainability of

our collective supply chain.

Ecuador Cacao farmer


We support Producers by committing to purchase the cleanest, most sustainable foods. We go above and beyond paying a fair price for their products. We also voluntarily fund agricultural and social programs to improve their living conditions and farming practices.


Collectivity sources clean foods to Brands that are seeking high quality, sustainable and fair trade goods. We collectively agree to a portion of the funds being committed to agricultural  and social programs that will go back to the specific Producers community.


Our Clients actively seek to make the right choice for their products. They decide on offering only the highest quality and most ethical foods to the end consumers  and they also pay a royalty above the purchase price to support the Producers.


Consumers want the best value. We aim to provide the cleanest, most sustainable and fairly traded foods at the most affordable price. By consuming products sourced by Collectivity you are voting for a sustainable sourcing cycle that is beneficial to all.