Our Sustainability


We’ve made a conscious decision to go above and beyond standard certifications. In addition to having all of our products certified organic and Clean and Fair, we set aside a portion of the profits from each sale to fund our own projects. We do this because it is the right thing to do for our supply chain. It strengthens our relationship with the farming communities to keep providing us with the clean foods we all desire.

Our Vision at work

We are committed to our vision of a responsible business that creates value in its supply chain. We’re proud of our achievements to date and we look forward to increasing our impact.


Our sustainability achievements to date:

  • Agricultural:
    • 24,000 plants in 3 greenhouses
    • 3 clone gardens
    • 18 demonstrative parcels
  • Farming Communities:
    • $69,953 of collected premiums invested in the development of Clean and Fair programs.
    • x2 doubled the price paid to farmers.
    • $658,922 total Clean and Fair purchases.
  • Farmers:
    • 2 farms certified Clean and Fair.
    • 1 Collection center certified Clean and Fair.
    • 100 farmers trained in modern and innovative production techniques for sustainable cacao production.